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FREE Advisory service for Summer programs for children and teens.

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An objective source of accurate information on summer programs for children!

The Camp Connection specializes in assisting families in selecting high quality summer programs for their children. Finding that special camp or teen program should not be left to chance or hearsay… because every camper should be a Happy Camper!

The Camp Connection is a FREE Advisory service to you. With over 25 years experience, we represent more than 600 programs! We devote our attention to working closely with each individual family, assisting them to find the most appropriate choice for their child’s summer program.

Our team of professional camp advisers has researched and referenced each of the programs that we represent. Our knowledge and experience is what helps us to appropriately filter and simplify your search for finding the best summer camp experience for your child.

Our personalized service will offer you unlimited time in conversations to learn about your child, your child’s interests and needs! We always take into consideration geographic location, length of stay and price range that best suits the parents..

*Traditional Coed Sleep away Camps *Girl’s Overnight Camps *Boy’s Overnight camps

*Special Needs Overnight Programs
*Specialty camps: Sports Camps in Baseball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Tennis, Golf, Basketball, etc

*Theater, Music, Dance and Art Camps* Horseback Riding Camp* Weight Reduction Camps
*Jewish Camps *Outdoor Adventure Camps*Computer Tech

Teen Experiences: Such as *Teen Travel *Academic enrichment *Pre College Programs *Community Service *Language immersion* Cultural immersion *Adventure trips *Bike trips *Internships

We spend time meeting with Camp Directors and their camps year round. With our updated, researched information we have the knowledge to match a potential camper’s profile with potential appropriate Summer Camp options. We will help filter through all available information , simplify your camp search and personalize all of this information for your family!!! What is appropriate for one family, neighbor, friend or cousin may not be appropriate for your children success at camp.

We are a friendly phone call away! Our objective consultants are parents and educators who have extensive camp experience. Let us become your expert SUMMER CAMP MATCHMAKERS.. connecting your family to a wonderful summer camp program!