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Summer Camps Make Kids Resilient

Sending children to a residential, or day camp, builds resilience – by Michael Ungar, Ph.D. as published in Psychology Today I recently spoke to 300 camp directors about how to make children more resilient to life. Summer camps, we discovered, are perfect places to help Read more

Health: Overnight Sleepaway camp and Nut Allergies

This was an article written by Time Magazine regarding Peanut Allergies and Children in Camp. So many camps have addressed this issue to some degree or another. There are those who have created Nut Free environments for their campers. They use peanut butter substitutes, (generally Read more

Is My Child Ready for Sleepaway Camp?

1-800-834-CAMP (2267) The Camp Connection is your source for everything for Sleepaway Camp Summer Sleepaway Camp Specialty Sports Programs Summer Teen Tours Community Service Programs Pre-College Summer Programs Academic Programs Travel Abroad Summer Sleepaway Camps Selecting the right Sleepaway Camp for your child to attend Read more

Top Ten Reasons to send your child to Sleepaway Camp

As written by The Camp Connection www.thecampconnection.com 10. DISNEY WAS NOT JOKING Michael D. Eisner, former CEO of Disney, shares that “camp is a guide to growing up, learning to rely on yourself as you work as a team, developing tools for leadership, competing to Read more

What should a parent look for in a summer camp or summer sleepaway camp

The Educated Summer Camp Consumer Selecting a sleepaway summer camp has become as sophisticated as choosing a college. Who would have thought this? Today’s consumer, whether it be with summer camps, schools, colleges or cars, is definitely more aware of available options. They no longer Read more