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Choosing a Specialty Camp

Is a Specialty Camp the Right Choice For Your Child?

There are lots of decisions to be made now that you and your child are thinking about summer camp and one of the most important decisions is “what” type of camp will present your child with the optimal summer camp experience.

In fact there are camps for children with all sorts of interests and it is beneficial to ask yourself the following question before making the decision to send your child to a specialty camp where they will spend a large portion of their time in one activity:

Is your child passionate enough about their specialty to devote a significant percentage of their time to doing it or might they burnout?

This is fundamental to making the right decision and should be approached honestly by the entire family.

If you have decided that a specialty camp is the best choice you should also consider:

  • How competitive and intensive is the program? Your child might be passionate about the activity but might shy away from intense competition.
  • What is the level of instruction? If you child is already proficient in the specialty you need to make certain that the level of instruction can meet their needs.
  • How much time is allowed for other activities? Is this time structured or are the campers given electives? Some families are concerned that their child get a very well-rounded experience even if a good portion of their time is spent in one activity others prefer a more focused concentration on the specialty with little time for electives.

As always, it’s important to have your child’s involvement in the camp selection process and to make certain that they truly understand the differences between the camps that you are evaluating.

Don’t be impatient. There is most definitely a PERFECT camp for your child and our job at Camp Connection is to help you identify it.

Note: There are specialty camps for all types of sports (both team and individual), creative pursuits and special interests (i.e. computer, language, wilderness, etc.) If your child is dong it then there is quite probably a summer camp for it!



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