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FREE Advisory service for Summer programs for children and teens.

Florida Office – Find a Summer Camp Ronni Bergman

Camp Connection Florida and Southeast Region
Free, Personalized Advisory Service for Summer Programs for Children

RonniRonni Bergman runs the operation of Camp Connection-Florida. (www.thecampconnection.com) Her office services families in the southern tier of the United States. Camp Connection,an advisory service that is always FREE to families, has been in operation since 1984 and represents over 600 programs.

Ronni is a professional in this field. She is an objective source of accurate information for families and assists them in offering summer camp recommendations for their children. All of the camps have been personally visited while camps are in session.

Their program offerings also include post camp programs for teens: Teen Travel, Pre College Programs, Community service, language immersion programs and more. All of the teen programs have been researched and referenced .

Call to speak to the experts in camping and specialists in teen related programs.

Let them be your Summer Camp Matchmaker!

Campfully yours,
Ronni Bergman

email: ronni@thecampconnection.com