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Is My Child Ready for Sleepaway Camp?

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Selecting the right Sleepaway Camp for your child to attend can be a very time consuming process and now is the time to start scoping out your options. There are so many other things to consider, than the camps location, the staff and your child’s special interests, when you are looking for at summer Sleepaway Camp. Every child is different and unique and there are so many different types of Sleepaway Camps nowadays that the whole process can get quite confusing. At the camp connection.com we will check out all of the options and information that is important to you as a parent and find the best possible summer Sleepaway Camp for your child.

Is My Child Ready for Sleepaway Camp??

The Camp Connection has been summer Camp Matchmakers for over 25 years. Our FREE service makes personalized recommendations to families for summer programs for their children. The Camp Connection represents over 600 summer programs that have been visited while camp is in session, referenced and reviewed. Our goal is to help make lots of Happy Campers! We answer lots of questions and make lots of terrific recommendations!
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I started sleepaway camp when I was 8 and loved it but now that I am a mother of an 8 year old this seems awfully early. What age do you suggest children begin sleepaway camp? Or how do I know when my child is ready?

The most wonderful gift a parent can give their children is some of the same opportunities and experiences that they had as a child. To many, this includes going to camp. Campers develop a strong sense of self, gaining confidence and social skills in a shared, nurturing, and healthy environment. Campers mature through learning more about themselves as well as building relationships with others. Most children begin this process between the ages of 8-10, as these are the years where children become more independent and can more easily separate from their parents. Camp is just one big overnight. The fear a child might have of sleeping away from home is a total misnomer, as an overnight camp experience is one where a number of children and staff members sleep in a cabin together. A child is never by themselves during the day or evening! Camp is a home away from home!

What are the things parents need to realize are different about kids going to camps today than when they were kids?

Today’s parent has very different expectations and involvement in the lives of their children than their parents had when they were children. Today’s parent is more educated, grew up in a more privileged environment, and has the world of technology at their disposal. All of these factors and the concerns that this modern world brings factors into making a decision for a child’s experience.The range of possibilities is also more extensive than it was years ago! There are more full summer camps, more partial summer camps as well as more specialized camps for sports, the arts, weight loss, horseback riding, computers, etc. For teens there are more teen tours, and programs specializing in academic enrichment, community service and language enrichment.

Do you think its a good idea for my child to go to sleepaway camp with her best friend from school?

The best part of going to camp is the new relationships that a child can make. It is a time that children can reinvent themselves, learn many new skills and try out new activities. Going to camp with your best friend from home can really create alot of issues. There are many social pressures and responsibilities when attending camp with a best friend. Inevitably someone may get their feelings hurt. Imagine feeling excluded when your best friend selects another buddy for the pool or opts to sit with another bunk mate for evening activity. Making new friends and maintaining the intensity of old friendships are sometimes more pressure than a child can cope with. Upon the competition of camp these ‘used to be’ best friends must go back to their home community and continue to cross paths with hurt feelings! This does not always occur, but frequently enough to possibly try to avoid the situation. Going to camp with acquaintances is usually a much better decision and generally works out much better. Remember the adage: Make New Friends and keep the Old…One is Silver and the Other Gold! Let your child have new experiences and make new friends!

My son is really into soccer and wants to go to soccer camp. I think its important to get a chance to do a bit of everything and go to a more well-rounded camp. What do you think?

Playing soccer 6 hours a day during the summer, while contemplating camp in February sounds wonderful, but in actuality might be a little to much of an endeavour. It might work for a week, but more than that can not only be redundant, but physically exhausting! It is in the child’s best interest to be offered a broader range of activities for a day that extends from 7AM to 9PM. Varied activities are enriching and provide a great environment to meet new friends and become more proficient in a wider variety of activities.

My daughter is a picky eater and I’m worried that she won’t eat all month – any advice?

A parent’s greatest fear is that their finicky eater will starve when they’re away at camp. Quite the contrary! Children will eventually become hungry enough that they will eat what is available to them at camp. That’s not to say that when the child return home that they won’t fall into old eating patterns. Then again, many parents have found that children return from camp having tried and successfully enjoyed many new foods that they want to continue eating at home.



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