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Parents, Step Away from the Computer-Why the Camp Website Pictures Don’t Always Tell the Whole Story.

These are excerpts from a very hilarious post written by Hollee Actman Beeker, a blogger who sends her kids to camp.
If your child is currently attending a safe, well supervised summer camp from 1-7 weeks in duration, you will certainly be able to relate to this!!!!
So — stop me if any of this sounds familiar — we spend our entire summer waiting for THE PICTURES…Talking about THE PICTURES. And — full disclosure — over-analyzing every single little detail about the freaking pictures.
Wait. Why isn’t my kid smiling? Is that a smile? And why is he standing all the way over there on the end? Why isn’t he in the middle like that kid there with all the freckles? Who is that kid with all the freckles anyway? I bet he’s mean. He looks mean. How come everyone in the bunk is holding hands and my daughter is holding a freaking water bottle? Does she not have any friends? Who’s bathing suit is she wearing? She looks skinny. Is she eating? She better be eating! And is that a sunburn?
Last summer I made myself crazy studying the pictures.
I learned the hard way that the pictures don’t always tell the story of what is really going on at camp…Which is why I love this cartoon.
And why I am now going to tell you a story.
One day last summer about 50 pics went up on the camp website of my daughter’s bunk at the waterfront.
She was not in a single one of them…Not ONE.So I start immediately freaking out.
Here are all these girls smiling and laughing and jumping in the air holding hands. And where the heck is my kid?
So then a week later we’re up at camp for Visiting Day.
And we go on a family boat ride…And my daughter starts to tell a story.
About how there was this one day last week when her bunk and another bunk in her division went to the waterfront together.
And about how she got to go out in a canoe with two girls from another bunk. And about how they went out in that canoe, and then they got stuck in the mud.
And they couldn’t get out.And so they had to wait for one of the lifeguards to come rescue them.
And it was, like, so totally awesome! Like, so funny that they all laughed so hard they literally peed in their bathing suits.
And so after visiting day I went home and pulled up that set of waterfront pics again on the camp website…and I zoomed in on them on my iPad (great trick, btw… remember it).
And there she was — my kid, my heart, my home — way off in the background…In a canoe…Stuck on the mud…With two other girls laughing.
And so the moral of the story is: Step away from the freaking computer…Just step away.
At least until they upload the next batch of pictures.



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