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Teen Experiences

Teen Camp Ideas

teen_tours1. Teen Travel Programs
Adult supervised Teen Trips throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, the Far East and Australia. Options from 1 weeks to 7 weeks.

2. Academic Enrichment Camps & Programs
Programs to challenge teen curiosity and interests. Adult supervised, age appropriate programs taught by qualified instructors are located at leading academic colleges and universities world-wide.

3. Pre-College Programs
Available at a number of universities in the United States and Europe; Providing students the opportunity to take college credit courses as well as SAT/ACT preparation courses.

4. World-wide Community Service Programs
Well supervised, small groups. Change your child’s life and the life of others! Build* Teach* Educate* Enrich Earn community service credit. Help others to help themselves. Service is combined with recreation for a fulfilling experience! Locations are available in the United States, Caribbean and South America, South East Asia, Africa etc.

5. Language Immersion Programs
Enroll in a pre-college program or travel to a foreign country to improve your proficiency and skill at speaking and understanding a foreign language.

6. Home Stay Programs
While attending a foreign university, learn the traditions, customs and language while spending quality time in a pre-screened nurturing home in a foreign country. Most programs will accept individuals who are learning a new language or have multiple years of High School academic experience.


7. Specialty Sports Camps
1-8 weeks in duration Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Soccer, ice Hockey, Softball, etc.

8. Theater and Arts Programs
Art: Select from a broad base of classes which include fine art, sculpture, ceramics, and all other forms of art media.
Theater: Select from acting: dramas, musicals, improvisation, comedy. Learn to become a set designer, a lighting expert for stage and screen.
Music: Select from rock, folk and classical music. Learn to play any instrument, improve your music ability. Perform in bands, orchestras, etc.
Dance: Select from ballet, tap, hip hop, jazz,etc In Film, Video and any other production media.

9. Weight Loss Camps
2-9 weeks in duration. Loose weight with your peers through diel, exercise, nutrition awareness, conversations and hands on cooking lessons.

10. Computer/ Tech Programs
1-9 weeks of courses in a variety of technology areas for the novice to the most sophisticated computer student. State of the art equipment in prestigious academic environments.

11. Outdoor Adventure Programs
Camping programs designed to improve self-confidence, self-esteem, outdoor skills doing a wide variety of outdoor activities. All age-appropriate. Sailing, Hiking, Rafting, Rock Climbing and Horseback Riding trips are among the available choices.

12. Bike Trips
Domestic and Foreign Bike Trips cater to all levels of proficiency: Beginner to advanced options for 7-30 days.

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