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Teen Tours

For Teens from the ages of 12-18 the option of going on a Summer Teen Tour is very exciting. The more traditional Teen Tours for Teenagers are located in the continental United States. These summer Teen Tours focus on the National Parks out West, the California Coastline, Canada, from the Canadian Rockies and the Northeast.

The form of transportation for these Summer Teen Tours is chartered bus. Some campers get to their starting destination via airplane and then travel by coach bus the remainder of the trip.

Then there are the more rugged and challenging Summer Teen Tours, where the campers are living in tents and are being challenged by the great outdoors. They usually cover a smaller geographic area.

There are also European and Asian Summer Teen Tours. These are usually for the more mature summer teenage traveler. These summer teen tours are very thrilling since there are amazing cultural components to the experience!

Summer Teen Tours can certainly be an experience of a lifetime!