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Dad…I don’t miss you!
Susan, I received a postcard yesterday from my son which said “I don’t miss you at all. And I was happy!!! I started thinking……it might be fun for you to have a blog or encourage your Facebook fans to share funny lines from the letters they receive. Who knows, a compilation could become a funny article in NewCastleNOW (promoting your service, of course).
Many thanks on all fronts- we are ALL so excited about the experience Amelia had at the sports specialty camp. As always, Camp Connection made the best, most professional connection! Wishing all of you and your family’s a very happy, healthy holiday and a wonderful 2012! All the best,
Valerie from Tenafly, NJ
You guys are great!
The folks at Camp Connection are great!! No wonder you have such an impeccable reputation! You worked so very fast and were sooo on target! Our children had the best summer!!! They can’t wait to go back next year!
Cheryl from NYC
You changed our children’s lives!
Camp Connection truly changed our lives and our children’s lives…a great camp makes all the difference! We would not have found our children’s camp without your recommendations and assistance! If you have a fan club, we’d like to sign up!
Lisa from Bedford, NY
Dear Ronni,
Thank you so very much for this wonderful group of overnight camp recommendations and the time that you spent with me this morning-it was a pleasure speaking with you and I appreciate your knowledge, and clarity!
With best regards,
Amazing Summer!
Thanks so much…Based on your Camp Connection’s recommendation, my daughter had the most amazing summer of her life. She scored it a !10! The camp recommendations you made were totally on target! She made the most remarkable friends and now plays the most awesome tennis game!
Jamie from Roslyn,NY
Bravo to Camp Connection’s guidance and wisdom! Because you are parents you know what we needed for our teenager. This experience boosted his self-esteem and has given him a more enriched focus for his future. We could not have created this magic without you!
Jodi from Hewlett, NY
SATs With a Smile
My son just returned from a 4 week pre-college program experience that you recommended. This so exceeded his expectation!!! He met terrific kids from all over the world, took a 3 credit college level course and now has a far better understanding of what to expect when he actually gets to college next year!
Alan from Alpine, NJ
09/10/12 Fantastic Summer
Thank you for excellent advice and a wonderful summer. You encouraged our daughter to attend an outdoor adventure program that she thought was out of her comfort level. She participated in activities that she thought she could never accomplish. Dana came home with stories of so many exciting activities she did! This has given her such a boost to her self-esteem!
Allison from Cherry Hill, NJ
Thanks for all the wonderful years!
I visited my daughter for the last visiting day of her sleepaway camp career. I have to thank Camp Connection for recommending Lindenmere so many years ago. It’s the perfect camp for my daughter. You guys listened to what kind of kid she is and made the right match. She has had many wonderful years there, has made lifelong friends and has years of wonderful memories. Thanks again for the great service you do for our children.
Thanks for Being on Top of Things!
Thanks so much again for finding the right camp for us. It continues to be an excellent choice for our son. He’s made amazing friends, and not a day goes by that he isn’t talking to them, and/or talking about camp (seriously!). Thank you again for being on top of things and making sure we are set for our summers. It’s been a pleasure working with you.
Fondly, Nancy
Your Honesty and Time Was Appreciated
Great news!!!!! Isabella has decided which camp to go to. I just wanted to send you a note to let you know about her decision and to thank you for all of your help in finding the perfect camp for her. We all really appreciated all of the time you put into this, and your honesty during the process. Isabella is really excited!!!!!
Thanks, Wendy