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What to Expect On Your First Day of Camp!

This is for the first time Sleepaway Camper orfor returning campers who forgot! If you are nervous about getting on the bus, all we have to say is: You are normal!!!!

Here are some Hints for the First Camp Day!
Wake up and leave yourself plenty of time for breakfast with your family.
Say Goodbye to your room and make sure that you have everything you wish to take with you. Bring a snack or something to drink, unless the camp suggests that you bring lunch. Get to the bus stop or airport with your parents and find the counselors in charge. They will greet you and check your name on their attendance sheet. When boarding the bus, or plane, you will meet and greet other campers. Parents will not be allowed on because of safety and overcrowding. Remember to wave from the window. They love to see you wave.

Off you go! If you have any questions, ask the counselors. They will be happy to answer all of your questions, silly or not. There will probably be a bathroom on the bus… and lots of singing! When you arrive at camp, the Directors and counselors will be there to greet and guide you. Everyone wants to be of assistance. You will be walked to your bunk and everyone will be introduced. Just say “Hello”- Don’t be bashful- and watch your new friendships evolve. They will probably last a lifetime!

You will find your bed and with your new friends, start creating your summer home. You’re probably pretty hungry, since mealtime will soon be approaching. Together with your bunkmates and counselors you will walk over to the dining room. Your bunk will have its own special table. The table you sit at will probably be the same every day for all of your meals. If there’s something served that you really don’t like- say something to your counselors. They’ll let you know what other choices there might be. Remember- if you don’t ask- you won’t know!

The day will go according to your bunk schedule, which may be posted on the bunk wall or be with your counselor. Your counselors will always let you know when to go to your next activity, when you have to be there and how to get there.

It’s finally time to go to bed! It’s O.K. to think about your home family, but lucky you- you also have a camp family. Probably 8-10 other kids in your bunk to be your summer brothers or sisters, and a few counselors who will be your Moms or Dads while you’re in camp! Any questions you might have, as well as any concerns! Remember~everybody wants to make friends!

Morning comes quickly! Everybody up… bright eyed and bushy tailed for a wonderful new day. Today is the first full day of the rest of your camp experience!

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Have a wonderful summer



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